Why & How You Should Monetize Remnant Traffic

Why monetize remnant traffic?

We understand that every network goals is to be able to monetize 100% of their traffic, but in most cases that will not happen.

Any experienced networks will agree that they come across one way or another whereby huge traffics are lost due to several factors of issues. The amount of remnant traffic that is left unmonetized can be up to 15% of the total traffic sent.

Most common reasons of huge remnant traffic include:

  • Campaign reaches cap and budget
  • Unsupported OS
  • Unsupported Carriers
  • Unsupported Devices
  • Mismatched GEO
  • Mismatch of 3G and Wifi
  • Unsold traffic
  • Backfill traffic
  • Uncharged traffic

Most networks have yet to be accustomed to this huge opportunity on leveraging this issues and monetizing their remnant traffic to its full potential. If you are a network and optimizing offers to monetize your remnant traffic is a big hassle, With our Intellink® SmartLink Technology, we offer one stop solution to monetizing all of the network’s remnant traffic. 

How to start monetizing your remnant traffic?

Assuming that you are facing this issues on a daily basis, especially if you are a network. How do you start monetizing your remnant traffic? It’s quite simple actually, implement our Intellink® SmartLink to the following.

  • Back Button
  • Exit Traffic
  • Pop Up
  • Pop Under
  • Geo Redirect
  • Carrier Redirect

By redirecting the traffic that presumably does not convert to our Intellink® SmartLink, our machine will optimize the redirected traffic to another landing and offers page. When conversions are made, that means you have monetized your remnant traffic.

How to setup?

Sign up on our Wewe Media Site, or contact our Account Manager if you have an account with us, to set you up for Intellink®.

You are able to choose from the available SmartLink links that we have pre-configured, or you are able to handcraft your own SmartLink based on verticals, geos, landers types.

Our AMs are available for consultancy to get you started on using our Intellink® as easy and fast as possible.

Why use our SmartLink?

Our Intellink® SmartLink uses Hyper-Optimization Technology and algorithm to perform Geo, Carrier, Landers, Offers, and another 20+ factor of optimization to generate the highest conversion out of the remnant traffic.

We believe that thorough and complex optimization process needs to be performed since our goal is to acquire the highest conversion from bad quality traffic (remnant).

Our minds behind the Intellink® programming are 3 veteran super affiliates that have been around in the industry for more than 10+ years. Furthermore, our Intellink® is currently used by Top networks for their remnant traffic monetization solution and receiving a great reputation in the industry.

If you still have any further questions. about monetizing all remnant traffic with our Intellink® SmartLink. Feel free to contact us or going directly to our account manager if you already have an account with us. Further details about traffic monetization can be found here.