How Hyper-Optimization Technology Helps You Optimize Like Super Affiliates

What does it take to be a super affiliate? That is always the questions asked by affiliates. Well, the thing that separates affiliates and super affiliates are the amount of time, effort and investment taken to optimize a campaign.

Let’s be honest now, we all agree that there’s no surefire successful campaign that exists at this recent times. Unlike 2005 where all campaigns will be highly profitable and a simple change of strategy will make your bank account rolling like Donald Trump’s.

So the next question will be “what’s the difference between affiliates and super affiliates in terms of doing optimization?”

Simple Truth On Super-Affiliates

Here’s the simple but hard truth. The difference probably lies in the number of failures, tests, optimization performed and investment made to get the best campaign results.

We affiliate probably did split testing of 3 offers, 9 landing pages, 2 traffic sources with quite a minimal budget for testing purposes and we failed probably because we ran out of testing budget to continue. Super affiliates, on the other hand. When focusing on 3 offers, they might scrape of 50 landing pages to split tests and 10 traffic sources with decent budgets just for testing purposes.

With a bigger testing budget, there is room for error. Their main goal is to get traffic conversion data to optimize and failing their beginning test campaign is part of the optimization process. It doesn’t stop there, testing of campaigns is just the beginning of the hard labor. Super affiliates will do repetitive tasks of optimizing each individual campaign traffic sources and landing pages and several other kinds of stuff.

It’s indeed grueling, a very time-consuming and nerve-wracking task. On top of all that, executing effective optimization is possibly achieved if you have the proper knowledge, experience, time, patience and money. So how could affiliate with a small budget, begin doing marketing campaign like super affiliate?

Here’s how Wewe Media Intellink Hyper-Optimization Technology will help you.

Simple Optimization Process With Big Results

From 20+ various things that should be done for optimization, you’ll only need to focus on just 1 optimization which is the Traffic part. The grueling part of the optimizations has been done by our 3 Super-Affiliates founder the geniuses in the industry. They have programed the machine, preloading it with 5000+ premium offers and 1000+ landing pages and much more.

Our super-affiliates crews are responsible for making sure that our technology is at its best in performing and optimizing your campaign on the back end.

Simply said, you will take care of driving the traffic and ensuring that the traffic sent will be of quality and the network will be in charge in hyper-optimizing your campaign to ensure it will highly convert.

One Single Hyper-Optimized Link

Unlike manual optimization whereby dealing with 30 – 50 links at one time is not surprising, with our Intellink hyper-optimization technology, you will be working with 1 single hyper-optimized link.

Once you sent traffic to the single Hyper-optimized link. The machine will automatically detect your traffic profile, Geos, carriers, OSes and 20+ other kinds of data and funnel it to the best converting landers and offers. Basically, the probability of pairing a traffic to a bad offer and landers are very minimal.

Testing Budget For Offers & Landers? You Don’t Need It Anymore

As it has been told. Your focus is only on the traffic game. You don’t have to spend testing budgets on multiple offers that are in the market just to find out what’s working for your traffic. Because when you use the hyper-optimized link, you can be sure that thousands of offers and landers have been tested before you.

By sending traffic to hyper-optimized link, the hyper-optimized machine has processed algorithm that will automatically send your traffic to the best offers and landers.

Saves Your Precious Time

Time does matter a lot in this extremely competitive industry. The more time you spend searching for offers, creating landers and optimizing everything, probably someone and somewhere has already begun killing it on their offers campaign and the traffic. All that is left when you are all set is a fatigue traffic and offers.

Although opportunities are huge in this industry, they easily vanish. With hyper-optimization machine supporting your campaign, you are able to focus on 1 single factor which is the traffic source. Also, you will know that you’ll be able to start getting a result right away, without wasting too much time.

Offers Don’t Die

There are various table flipping factors that we come across as an affiliate and one of them is dead offers. Imagine you have spent depressing budget and a huge amount of time to test your offers and landers, optimization and repeating the process. once you are ready to scale big, the offers died.

Offers do shift and died. It is uncertain, as there are various factors that cause offers to die. on the other hand, If you are doing manual optimization and offers died you are certainly not going to make money. Hyper-optimization technology basically allows the auto switching to the next best converting offers if the best offers died.

Problems Narrowed Down

When you are doing your own manual optimization, you will never really know what is the real problems that need to be fixed to make the campaign better performing.

To hell, even super-affiliates faces the same things as everyone else in this industry. There are multiple factors that need to be optimized and it only takes 1 bad factor to be a bottleneck to your campaign.

We all ask ourselves, is it because we run at the wrong time? bad landing? traffic doesn’t respond well? offers down? and many other things. By using hyper-optimization technology, you can be sure that offers will work in the majority of traffic and if you are not profitable, hit up your traffic manager. It’s probably because of the quality of your traffic.


In conclusion, Intellink Hyper-Optimization Technology will help affiliates optimize their marketing campaign just like how super affiliates does. because Affiliates could leave most of the tough optimization part to Intellink and focus only on 1 optimization which is the traffic part, and by that itself, affiliates will save on time, campaign budgets on testing, finding winning offers and landing pages. To learn more about our Intellink Hyper-Optimization Technology, we have dedicated a page to explain how Intellink works.