General Questions

Intellink (Smartlink) is basically a rotator that rotates many offers inside. The difference is, Intellink Smartlink is built with a machine that will optimize the traffic and offers. Traffic sent to Intellink Smartlink will see different and relevant offers, when traffic is converting on certain offers, Intellink SmartLink will then shows only the best converting offers.
You can find most verticals of offers with different pricing models from CPA, CPI, CPL, CPE and CPS and SmartLinks in our network.
As this industry is getting more competitive and fraud account sprouting at rapid rate, we have implemented a rigorous verification process to identify and reject fraud accounts. The reason behind is to protect our advertiser from getting bad conversions. If your application is rejected and you are willing to appeal, please do so by contacting us at enquiry@wewemedia.com
You could register with us as publishers by following this link https://panel.wewemedia.com/apply
We have offers for almost all GEO’s in the world. Ranging from Tier 1, 2 & 3
We have a huge database of mobile content offers and SmartLink offers, on more than 12+ categories
Yes we do! We are always present in Affiliate World Conference and other events! Check out our events updates on https://blog.wewemedia.com

In general payment terms is defaulted at NET-30, Upgrading payment terms can be arranged for those operating in high volume.

Net 7 means that you’ll receive payment, 7 days after the invoice date.

Net 30 means that you’ll receive payment, 30 days after the invoice date.

We have 2 options, WireTransfer or Paypal

Minimum eligibility for weekly payments is $1000 for NET7
Below the threshold of $1000, payment will be NET30

You can inform your account/affiliate manager or send an email to enquiry@wewemedia.com

New To Affiliate Marketing?

Joining a network is the easiest way to earn commission by promoting other’s products, services and offers. An affiliate network role is to host numerous different merchants, provides affiliates with the tools they need to promote the merchant’s products and acts as the trusted mediator between the affiliates and the merchants.
Media buying plays an essential role in marketing. A media buy is simply, buying media. Media buyers work to get their company’s brand, service or product recognized by the right audience through strategically purchasing advertising space and time. Media buying is the process of buying media exposure through a traffic network. Traffic networks match affiliates to the traffic they need.

Account manager role is to constantly communicate with affiliates, providing them with the support they need to achieve the best campaigns and investment returns as possible is part of the day-to-day activities of your affiliate manager. Your manager will also be responsible for writing and sending out emails and receiving phone calls to help you successfully market the company’s product or service. Their role also includes negotiating higher payouts or caps; constantly update you on any new or hot offers; and resolving payment disputes. To ensure the best performance possible, their responsibilities may require them to provide individualized help when necessary or to terminate relationships with affiliates who are not performing according to the affiliate network’s standards.

Affiliates / Publishers are always on the look out for the best offers. It is the role of an affiliate to drive quality traffic to the merchant’s site. Affiliates receive a portion of the proceeds from the merchant for every product or service they sell. The more relevant and attractive the offers that are highlighted on the website, the more higher the clicks and conversions will likely be.

New signups are checked daily. You should receive a response within 24 hours.

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